Contributor: Phologo Sema
Credits: Pixabay


Reading from the King Solomon’s Proverbs, one of the most respected wisdom books of the Hebrews scripture, I discover just how wisdom always calls out for people to embrace it, and share the great tips and advice this great book of the Bible offers. Dealing with the different aspects of human experiences, earnestly crying out to people in visibly crowded places, where people are ought to show up; is an indication that wisdom is a resource at everyone’s disposal.

While people are continuing to attempt living through this mystery called life, they often do it on their own terms; getting lost in the human wisdom theologies. Because wisdom is everywhere, such as on social media platforms, on page groups like The AMF and many others, awareness is gradually spreading. Without wisdom from God, men are not able to apply the criticality of their minds when judging situations and this often happens as people purposefully choose to ignore guidance. Even in the stone age era before and after Jesus Christ had been raised higher; at the time when Abel, Abraham, Amos, Anna, David, Deborah, Elijah and many others were sent to do the work of the Lord; wisdom was something that was always pronounced as the Word of God which, was in the beginning and still is in this age.

When looking at the Book of Proverbs and its significance, especially considering how King Solomon is continuously suggesting that wisdom is always accessible to anyone and everyone who purposefully seeks it, the level of discernment improves on the part of humanity when we begin to be aware of how God sees having wisdom as having the most delicate, but yet idealistic woman who needs a wise man to find profound, exceptional and honourable. With God painting an illustrative picture of wisdom being a woman crying out on public domain, is an indication that wisdom is like a woman who is sensually and delicately personified as a female by God himself, and that she is accessible to people who are prone to encountering her knowingly or unknowingly.

God never wants the inexperienced alone to seek wisdom but also the learned and academics, as shown in the Book of Micah, a Prophet who had a purpose to proclaim God all the time. Prophet Micah, being a contemporary of Isaiah, Amos, and Hosea, was with other prophets tasked with warning Israel and Judah of coming destructions and restorations. While Prophet Micah may been given visions to prophesy, he needed to have wisdom that would allow him to present the prophesies as God had instructed without giving in to the need to go astray.

We further learn from Paul the Apostle in how he recalls a certain trip he took in his time to Jerusalem, travelling from Antioch in Syria with Barnabas, a Jewish Christian, and Titus, a Gentile Christian. In his story, he reveals just how he responded to a call from God to bring femine relief to Christians in and around Judea, saying “It was because of a revelation that I went up; and I submitted to them the gospel which I preach among the Gentiles, but I did so in private to those who were of reputation, for I did not want my work in the past and the present to be a failure or for me to run my race in vain." In as much as running the race may have been a metaphor, it definitely led him towards doing the best to fulfil the mission he had been sent on by God because of his ability to embrace readily available wisdom which, required a conscious and purposeful acknowledgement, being sought like a buried treasure and also viewed as a precious jewel. A good level of discernment allowed Paul to resist going astray, held him back from giving in to haughty spirits, but it allowed him to develop spiritual ears that let him hear the idealistic woman (wisdom) cry out loudly in public for his attention (as events metaphorically played in proverbs when King Solomon was still the King of United Kingdom of Israel.

There are more great teachings in the bible, such as learning that a person who finds wisdom is viewed as joyful, being the one who gains understanding. We learn that wisdom is more profitable than silver, her wages are better than gold, it is more precious than rubies, and that nothing one desires can compare to wisdom. In verse 16 in the Book of Proverbs chapter 3, the scripture tells us that wisdom offers people long life in her right hand, and riches and honor in her left. Cited from verse 17, “Wisdom is able to make one’s life pleasant, guiding them down delightful paths; and leading them safely through life as all her ways are satisfying. Wisdom is a tree of life to those who embrace her; happy are those who hold her tightly”.

So, essentially when recapping everything in this article, it comes across very clear that the Lord our Father in Heaven wants us to come out of darkness of human wisdom and develop or rather revive our divine purpose from unconsciousness in order to take note of wisdom. With attained wisdom, we are able to develop the spiritual eyes and ears in order to understand why the Lord made humans inferior only to Himself, crowning them with glory and honour; and making them rulers over everything God made and, why he placed humans over all creation: sheep, cattle, wild animals, birds, the fish and other sea creatures – psalms 8:3-8. If we are able to value a life of justice, kindness and humility; listening out to constant calling by wisdom, then are able to approach God and not conform to human wisdom telling us that sacrifices are everything to appeasing God.

God wants people to approach Him as the first and last port of call to any problem in life because from His mouth comes knowledge, and understanding. With wisdom, one will have an improved level of discernment, being able to apply a critical mind to removing complications in a complex situation such as when the devil prowls around like a lion and looking for those with attained wisdom to devour. Essentially, to many it can be anything such as God being said to want us to live our lives; but I believe it can be anything in line with His command and not anything that would be in transgression.