Contributor: Phologo Sema
Credits: JanBaby & Pixabay


Distinctively dictioned as the act of ascending, much like the body of Christ when He ascended from earth to heaven. As defined by Wiktionary, the ascension is the believed entry of Jesus Christ into heaven after his resurrection as observed in Christian tradition and devotions. A year with so many appellations ranging from being called the year of Transformation, the year of Epiphanies, the year of Ascensions or simply portals into Transformation, whatever it may be, even the scriptures are telling us in Romans 11:34 that ““Who has known the mind of the LORD ? Or who has been his counsellor?”

While other people may use the year or rather see it as the year of seeking contentment in life, an emotional state of satisfaction that can potentially impact every faculty of one’s life and, better yet; if this was the year of being happy without trying to find any time of fulfilment in the acquisition of more material possessions. On the discussions of happiness, one needs to be at ease in their own body, mind, soul and when faced with varying situations. As 2019 was a year of transition, it was laying a foundation for some whole new and amazing energy that would remarkably impact on our daily frequencies and vibration levels. Biblically, we learn that there was a time when Jesus Christ had ascended from earth after his resurrection and when applied to situations in 2020, it can be seen as a period of ascension towards the light (consciousness, enlightenment or awakening).

Unlike many other past years, 2020 is the year when even astrology will be a very most discussed topics of interest amongst spiritually inclined people. As it is even now, astrology is seen as a very wide topic that has so many layers to interpret or layers of interpretation that may also need good understanding. The very understanding that comes through here, may be the awakening or consciousness that one needs to tap into in order to correctly use a person’s natal chart if we make reference to an astrological work. When an awakened understanding is embraced, we’re able to discern when we encounter varying emotions because of certain illusive movements in planets and energies that are affecting our physical world.

With many beliefs (predictive or divine) advent today, many are observant of time, looking at sensitive angles at different times of an event. While there may also be clashes in observations (such as with Christian communities not observing the stars and astrology using movements of the stars to understand personalities of people; including how they affect their destinies), in the interest of collective harmony, people strive to find common ground. Because people are more devoted to themselves more than they are often devoted to Higher Power, they observe the physical world for guidance such as studying the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars reactions and how they affect their personalities, and immediate relationships with the others.

The point made is, 2020 is potentially the year when people will look more into proving theories and myths, including striving to manifest the physical. Most people will feel much lighter vibrational frequencies because of the whole process of ascension, being awakened and when devoting to Higher Power. What is rather not different about the year, is the all-time energy embracement that people must harness and with 2020 being slightly different; the all-time energy might just be on another dimension. Most part of this article reflects on spirituality from an astrological point of view and we’re considering view points as wide and complex as they are, and we’re also linking the universal sensation to a biblical perspective.

Wikipedia finds that the Gospel of John has three references to an ascension perspective and quotes are cited in Jesus’ own wording; "No one has ascended into heaven but he who descended from heaven, the son of man". Seemingly, the passage tells of how deity Jesus was then and is still now, and how blessed he is to have been the only one who knew that he would one day ascend to where he came from, heaven. Whether, it happened physically or spiritually, we can draw conclusion that Jesus must have been much lighter and more conscious to universal activities than any other human being and because of that he was able to connect on every level to his body and soul.

Truly one topic that requires much discussion as it taps into different areas of interest such as spirituality, faith, religions, beliefs, planetary placements, past experiences and many different systems of astrology; and traditions. This article is only just the top of an iceberg or skimming the surface when there are more underlying discussions to be had on the subject. However you look at 2020, secure the heart as the most sacred place housing your soul and faith, and seek to strike balance between your emotions and thought processes on a consistent basis; while allowing your belief and faith to guide you, potentially in the right direction for we walk by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). As people, we are always seeking and the Lord has said it that He determines the path of men who do not understand the direction their own lives are taking. Seemingly, an awakening or ascension is not a once off experience, but a process in which we need God who can instruct us and teach us in the very directions we are taking (whether consciously or unconsciously). With all said, it all starts with you and what you believe is the truth. Do you believe that the Lord will guide you with His eye throughout 2020 and into the future?

When we look at Deuteronomy scriptures, we find the story of Moses telling us of his experiences with the Israelites in Egypt, from when they were saves in Mount Peor because of the spirit of Baal being worshipped by those who may be considered the departed from God. With these experiences in mind and while focusing on chapter 4 and 18, we find that Moses had spoken to Israelites about Idolatry and pagan practices, but what comes across as an area of interest is when Moses said “Do not be tempted to worship and serve what you see in the sky, the sun, the moon and the stars. The Lord your God has given these to all other peoples for them to worship”. With the Israelites being the people God rescued from captivity in Egypt, He made covenant with them because of the covenant He had with their ancestors, their faith and because they are God’s own people.

I believe that God can lead you in any direction simply because He determines the path, controls actions and gives faith. Revering something as deity and seeing it as a way of life can be an act of worshipping and when one starts looking at the stars, the moon and the sun with reverence and adoration then it becomes exactly that, worshipping. All other peoples would mean anything as the scriptures tell us of a man not knowing the direction his life is taking and how a man can only understand the spirit of God and not about the things of God. Israelites, often did things without consulting with God first, but used their understanding (used divination and looked for omens amongst many other practices such observing astrology).

Wisdom comes in when people are able to understand that it may have been teaching for the Israelites, but who are we to determine our own identities as God control our paths and guides with His eye. If obeying a Prophet is what pleases God instead of observing the divine world, then that should be an indication of what God really loves for everyone in His creation (land, universe or realm). Essentially, I would say let the Prophet be the one to make the mistake in guiding you by observing the stars, the moon and the sun when they should be remaining completely faithful to the Lord and letting Him divinely guiding them.