We ask if Business and Politics Mix

Contributor: Mr. Panache

Business and Politics

Well, with the broader aspect of interaction between entities and politics, economics and political forces shape up the globalizing world. Views may differ on this topic as some may feel that beyond anything, when business and economics mix, the two will not be democratic as differences in wealth and income mean that people do not have the same say when it comes to “voting” with one’s pocket.

Largely, there may be truth in that there is favouritism in an economic context in terms of business and political rapports and this is based upon experience. Businesses are often compelled to adjust strategies and working methods to meet any political challenges. These strategies may include non-market corporate approaches and external strategies. Policy makers do influence company behaviours and that is on many occasions through regulations, financial instruments, legalities and other governmental approaches.

When many new, old and intense challenges are encountered by businesses, people steering these ships are compelled to subscribe to external strategies such as legal tactics, lobbying and other ways in attempts to influence policy makers at all levels of governments. Even though relationships between businesses, governments, international institutions and other forms of ownership such as non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are becoming increasingly significant, political systems working at both national and international levels as regulators of actions of companies enact laws that can really frustrate businesses.

Much like with the bylaws being essential in helping an organization map out its purpose and the practical day-to-day details of how it will go about its business, they can be some form of legal-guided oppression on businesses. If businesses will not be looking at marketing strategies as a tool to counter challenges, they experience politically, they are ought to use the external strategies as an adjunct.