Contributor: Phologo Sema
Credits: Pixabay


If there is anything in the Bible that could encourage people to pray, especially the average Christian as best writers have previously asked, is the very Holy Spirit embodied in us which, we only have to embrace. The responsibilities we are given as God’s children include binding the evil spirits amongst some of the other indications that God has indeed provided the people with tools to defeat evil in their attacks.

With all adversities going on in the world today, from rare disease outbreaks, political factions, masses falling from faith, famines in most parts of African states and joblessness rates plummeting; the world has its back held against the wall. In general, or so I think, when evil comes for humanity; it attacks the heart and the mind which, are organs of a human body that controls their desires, emotions, hopes, dreams, intellect, reasoning abilities, thought processes and other intangible parts of our being. Life teaches us that, where we may fall short of strength in upholding principalities that would protect our hearts and minds from the attacks, we need to tap into our spiritual decision making potentials because we would have known that God always keeps his promises. However, most of the time humanity has its head buried in the sand with varying issues that are rather uncontrollable to those who are not able to apply critical and forward-thinking abilities.

Reading from a scripture in Luke 1: 26-33, God had made a promise to bring peace in the most of amazing ways to a young woman who lived in a town in Galilee named Nazareth. Before the actual promise is physically made to a person, seemingly God makes such a promise in spirit; before the respective individual was even born to this world and in this case, it was Mary. How great is the God that when we look at John 20, we see how Jesus appeared to his disciplines, saying to them, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you”. In essence, before Jesus was born God had made a promise that He would bring an innocent and righteous life by the form of a baby to Mary, who will be the Son of the Most High; and be positioned to reign on the throne of his father, King David. Wisdom also comes through when looking at God’s promise that after David dies, He would raise up one of his offspring to establish the throne of his kingdom forever (2 Samuel 7:8–16). Surprisingly, God went for Jesus Christ even though He was not David’s biological son, nor Joseph’s.

It was well in God’s spiritual planning that Jesus Christ be born in King David’s city, Bethlehem and we find that nowhere in the Bible does Jesus deny being called the Son of David, and when people gave Him the praise and worship. God knew that with Jesus Christ amongst the people in flash, some will see Him as desirable model, remembering to seek the value of consistent reflection upon the Word of God in order to refocus our minds and hearts upon the Gospel. We fail to apply a level of discernment to how possible it is for God to establish His anointed people for as long as the heavens can endure. With the promises kept at hear, God always remembered King David in times of tribulation and when he had to face enemies, and conspiracies. At most times, God takes humanity through a peculiar process that requires them to connect the dots (apply wisdom) only to fulfil the ultimate promise, such as with Mary when the promise was fulfilled through her Son, Jesus. While there are many other scriptures telling of God’s promises and indicating how He kept them, one jumping out is a psalm affirmation that God, had in his Word promised David favourable duration of his throne, through a sworn oath that could not be revoked (Psalm 132:11–12).

So, with all life’s problems and unplesantries; God the one who was in the beginning of time and still is even today, never fails to fulfil His promises; especially when the recipient is not in the darkness of human wisdom. All God’s promises as we often read about throughout the bible, from Genesis to Revelations, are sealed by the highest heavenly sanctuary and authority; God Himself, His Word. Right at the beginning of this great book of life, the Bible, we read in Exodus 2 where we’re told of God’s promise "And God heard their groaning, and God remembered his covenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob. God saw the people of Israel—and God knew.” It would serve the world better for us all to remember that we have a covenant of the promise with God and as Christians we must always draw nearer to God with hope as Ephesians 2 tells us.