Addressing Unemployment

As a worldwide phenomenon, the full employment of labour has been a key economic objective ever since the mass unemployment experienced in the 1930s. So much can be looked at as constraints that are fueling unemployment such as waste of resources, erosion of human capital and lower wages. 

Unemployment occurs when a person who is actively searching for employment is unable to find work (

This natural occurrence in the economy as many would view it, is an issue that the country needs to solve as this is plaguing the rate of unemployment. Many people around the world are continuously investing in their education for betterment of their futures, with the young people achieving wonders. South Africa particularly, is set to be progressing by leaps and bounds where the economy is concerned but this progress is on the low side in the context of the expected unwavering commitment to job creation.

Ultimately, people in the urban and rural areas need employment and the issue of skills must be put aside as a focus point for many corporates. Many employers can get skilled manpower amongst the unemployed and still be able to ensure robust skilling environments. People are ready to commit, work and get equipped.

Education or Experience?

Is it still necessary for the extra work that goes into obtaining and completing that redeemable University Degree to be as valuable as the experience that is often required for future employability? While many are only just entering the world of work without the experience, they shadow behind their qualifications with the hope that it will land them a job. Depending on the side of the territory you sit at this point, this discussion can be very personal and emotional.

Many people may feel as though as they are at a crossroad in their career lives, especially people with experience and no educational background. In an article published on, Jan 9, 2017; Liz Ryan the Founder of Human Workplace was quoted “You must know that there is no way to determine "What Employers Want." When you do an internet search, there is a common theme one is presented with and in most cases, it is one where someone with years of field or hands-on experience and no degree is posing a question for clarity and discussion.

While every organisation is indeed different to the next one, employers do not seem eager anymore in spending weeks or months training newly hired graduates like they often used to. Economies have become unpredictable and unstable with companies’ needs changing as well. Graduates may echo sentiments that today, in contrast, is more difficult to find a job even with a degree. A simple analogy by Liz Ryan was that hiring and getting hired are simply not x + y = z calculations. When you are feeling your way through a job search hoping to redeem the Uni Degree or stepping away from that job with experience that can be applied to specific needs of a company almost instantly; back up plan is indeed a necessary neutralising solution that can strike balance between fresh graduate and freshly experienced graduate.

The probability is that, a University Dean would sit you down and explain the importance of getting a degree. As many professions such as doctors, lawyers and engineers would often demand it, entrepreneurs argue to say experience is everything when you can apply. Whether it is strategic or an innovative approach by individuals or organisations, the question is still arguably compelling, can experience make up for lack of educational background?

Some people have been able to understand complex, abstract subjects that are difficult to comprehend and have also shown successfully minds on learning. Dr. John Dewey, an Educational Theorist of the 20th century, assumed that amid all uncertainties there is one permanent frame of reference: namely, the organic connection between education and personal experience; or, that the new philosophy of education is committed to some kind of empirical and experimental philosophy. I then as Phologo can only think that it is true that for human kind to know the meaning of empiricism, there needs to be an understanding of what experience really is.

Random Interviews of Potential Employees for Potential Employers to see. Initiative we put together, helping decision makers and corporate entities see who they can groom. Think of this as a Skills Library.

The videos below serve the purpose of unleashing hidden unused labour in our local communities. Venture Forerunners through Panache Pioneers has had the opportunity to engage with the people of our country, especially the youth; and everyday we get to see them preparing documentation to show interest in various job opportunities. Often, their applications are rejected either on reasons of being unskilled or not having the right education. While it depends on what may have been the problem with the application, people need work. Everyone inherently responsible to addressing unemployment, even small businesses. As a starting solution, we will be putting out such great people for future employability.


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