Religion & Business Interacting

Contributor: Mr. Panache

Religion & Business Interacting

Throughout history, has it been that religion and business interacted? Can we safely say that the interaction has been impossible to disentangle?

Well, the article starts with questions because we are trying to understand the role that religion and business play in society, and in a person’s life. As many in the recruitment sector would say hiring someone based on religion, or making religion the dominant factor in a private business, is a roadblock to talent acquisition and can open you up to being sued; we also need to acknowledge that we live in a world that is perceptive, it would only make sense for people to see things different whenever there are religious views interfering with business. Clear that religion is a sensitive subject for discussion and yet the most discussed.

At this stage, it is unclear which is the majority in terms of people who dislike or like mixing business with religion. However, we know there are those who are totally against the notion because they supposedly opine that it has the potential to cause problems that are not necessary. Honestly, this religion and business interaction would work best if practiced by the concept founders themselves such as Directors and owners.

The moment the discussion is brought into the workplace, discomforts may start developing and people may want to get their messages across. Many people may feel comfortable to be in a place where they can share beliefs and values without feeling as though they are shoving religious beliefs down other people’s throats. Many top executives believe in something, which they also think affects the way they do business. To such business people, their beliefs are part of their brands and certainly changes the way they operate their established concerns.

Aligning one’s beliefs and life’s approaches to biblical principles is never a wrong thing and should never be looked at as such. Pre-judging people is unacceptable, especially when based on religion and singing praises for what you believe may have contributed to your success should also not be seen as pond scum. I am a businessman with plenty of experience and I do post business related information on public domains, but I tactically go about that so not to provoke people or come across as less than ethical; especially when my writing starts taking the religion perspective.

While religion is valuable, business relationships are also of significance. People want quality products at the right price and delivered as promised by each business out there that solicits them. Delivering on such, requires having reverence to some Higher Value System and embracing such ability demonstrates people's value for honesty and integrity, and not necessarily focusing all energies on printing bible verses on every communication to show authentic integrity. Still your though may be different, please share.