As they say, life changing moments started off as just a mindset. Entrepreneurship and joining the ranks of the self employed is much like life changing moments and with a positive attitude and mindset, you can become an overnight success.

There has been a growing resurgence of people with brilliant notions that took off as just that, an idea. With an unwavering creativity, talent, genuinty and collaborative spirit; the positive thoughts complemented all efforts and success is realized. 


When speaking of an Entrepreneur, you refer to someone organizing, managing and assuming risks of a business. Whereas Entrepreneurship on the other hand, refers to a process of planning, launching and running that business


As the world changes faster and faster, Innovation is the only best act or process of bringing technologies of tomorrow, today. Bringing these advancements and ideas into reality is the actual process of being innovative.

Fact, we cannot discuss Entrepreneurship and leave out Innovation. Those in business are usually known to have the act of innovation and this is where they introduce something new, in customs, rites and more.