Living with Truth in Midst of Challenges

Contributor: Mr. Panache

Humility | Integrity | Kindness

With challenges, rejections, the scolding and strapped finances; there is still life to live for as long as one is able to breath. Cash flow is essential to both small business and in households, yet many entrepreneurs and communities still struggle to pay their bills. As much as journeys are different for each individual, we each achieve different goals throughout our lives. What we share though, is a common inherent attribute; we are entrepreneurs, people who work or people who need work. With or without challenges in business or life; we’re also still people who are able to engage and help one another.

Much like in business; small, micro or big businesses differ drastically in their growth potential. Same goes for life, people differ in their growth potential due to the nature of their habits, control over their own lives, the amount of true motivation they receive daily in their lives and the choices they make. Only a few businesses and people have managed to attract glowing prospects for growth and while, many are called high potential entities or members of the gazelle; those on the ground remain marginal. There are many success stories out there that have been featured, such as the one of technology wizards with bright ideas, backed up by venture capitalists eager to underwrite the next innovation. But, we realise that not every car is manufactured for everyone as much as not all businesses will participate in similar markets.

Every business that exists today is on a different level within the entrepreneurial spectrum and is worthy of being scaled. Every person who is career driven is on a different level within the work or labour spectrum and is also worthy of being hired or developed. Change in paradigm was effected the day people started achieving what others could not and the day other people began graduating in contrast to the marginal. The moment one has something others do not have, then; essentially we are not eligible for an established rapport. Unfortunately, this is exactly what is currently happening in and outside corporate, and in and outside households.

Makes me think of what Brigette Hyacinth whom I met on Linked-In said in one of her posts, “You are not rich until you have things money cannot buy.” She highlighted humility, integrity and kindness as key focal points to heighten in one’s life. From time to time, layers of frustration tends to surface but we must always remember to “love and respect”; what I consider a summary of the three key focal points.

I opine that we’re copycats as nations and we often subscribe to the ways of those ahead or even fashion, finding comfort in what is familiar; and that has become the entrenched discipline amongst humankind kind today. Seemingly, the manner in which the world is structured does not allow for conservatists seeking fairness, equality and love. The outspoken conservatists are likely to be suppressed by the use of political or economic systems, including exclusion from participating in the mainstream economy.

The suppressions and exclusions are not as bad for some conservatists, some have been listened to; much like Candace Owens liberating people in the USA. With experience, I can say with conviction that nobody wants anyone who is going to tell people they are not really free or that people need to invest their efforts in manifesting their lives’ purpose than seeking to make money all the time.

Humility, integrity, kindness and love can really blow away any challenge; whether in business or in one’s career. As we have heard many times, the universe is in one’s mind. Therefore, this makes me wonder if the universe dies the moment I die; and if it wouldn’t be better to take with me the key focal points than fallacy in motivation.