How relevant really is Business & Office Administration?

Contributor: Mr. Panache

Business and Office Administration

It is overwhelming how much content there is out there, the right one that helps you comply with some of the office recommendations. In as much as there is information from all various sources, there are also colleges providing training in Business and Office Administration and it should be kept in mind that fair and good amount of self-field learning is required.

Office tasks are the most considered menial jobs without relevance and outdated. On the contrary, with advances in technology and processes being automated, human interactions with these processes is still relevant. We live in modern times where office environments have completely evolved. Up to date data, information and reference sources are often sought after because of the nature of contemporary offices.

In these office environments, the term Business and Office Administration should refer to the process of managing a business such as all aspects of overseeing and supervising business operations and related fields which include accounting, finance and marketing. Business and Office Administration are inextricably linked and the administration part of the business and office refers to the backbone of that particular activity or project. However, there is conflict between Business Administration and Technology, especially where employment is concerned. For an effective and seamlessly functioning contemporary office environment, clear order of difference is necessary. There needs to be an understanding of who does what and what the roles of other departments are. With clarity on responsibilities and functions, there is ought to be understanding and relevance.

Office Professionals and administrator at individual levels make all sorts of contributions to the broader micro and macro environments. When people have better comprehension of the bigger picture, they are able to accept change and complement technology. Business and Administration influence each other in relation to the whole business environment and whether we may need to automate systems or not, human interactions and understanding is reliable when technology lets us down.

It can indeed be a menial task when there is no better comprehension of the broader picture on the company. However, what can be menial and irrelevant about a position in administration when there is a link between professionals at individual levels and the whole system i.e.
1. Global Economy;
2. Country’s Economy;
3. Sectors in the Economy;
4. Business Office Environments; and
5. Office Professionals/Administrators.

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