Entrepreneurs and the Authentic Purpose

Are you consumed in the shuffle and lost your real business purpose?

I would like to genuinely believe and admire that all entrepreneurs have the integrity or potential to live up to their commitments. For a small business to find its authentic purpose can be a bit tricky especially when either not supported by communities or leading participants. Support on a business can really go a long way in helping that entity clearly articulate its purpose, while being capacitated to compete.

Much like in an elevated pitch, entrepreneurs need to be able to sell themselves as if it is the only thing they can best do. There is more to a business that just selling products and services, meaning that people need to have their own distinct inspirational purpose. When purpose is understood, it can easily extend to other participants in the business and give people the real reason for coming to your business each day.

Previously, in our Business Administration article, we stated that administrative professionals at all individuals levels need to be linked to the entire micro and macro business environments in order to maintain and sustain their relevance. The same notion would apply to businesses, in that they also need to be linked to the broader micro and macro business environments as the key to finding their authentic purpose.

Even successful businesses would have customers stop buying for one reason or another, and that is usually when the company loses its focus and is consumed in the shuffle of clinching every single deal that comes along. As entrepreneurs, we are often affected by the pressures that are compelling and we tend to chase the money more than working on that purpose which was the reason to venture into business in the first place.