Earnestly Seeking God

Contributor: Mr. Panache
Credits: Kellepics & Jclk8888

Staying with God

Essentially, everyone has an opinion on matters of religion and people are willing to give the advice. Some people will tell you to seek His face, while others will suggest you seek His feet. Psalms 14:4 tells us of the Lord being in His holy temple, being enthroned in heaven. Seeking God should not have to be difficult for humans because the scriptures in Genesis tells of angels who appeared to Abraham at the sacred trees of Mamre and it becomes interesting how Abraham regarded them conclusively as Angels.

It gets further interesting that the story begins in Genesis 18:1 as though these three spirit beings just suddenly appeared and are only noted when Abraham looks up. It was on earth when these Angels appeared and when the Lord says in Isaiah 66:1 “Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool", which can only make one start believing that God is the ruler of heaven and earth; and this very earth is where He lays his feet. Apparently, Abraham was of such experience that he recognized immediately who the visitors were and that they were angels. We know Abraham sought after wisdom and was blessed for such behaviour, showing that wisdom is more valuable than gold to God.

While there is a common belief to think that Satan and his angels are presently imprisoned in hell, however, the bible tells us a different story. Wisdom is the key to unlocking everlasting and eternal abundant life, including understanding that Satan is not restricted to the same place, he is a loose cannon in the world today, roaming around much like he did in the days of Job. Thus, when we pray and worship in truth, we sing praises to the Lord who is enthroned in heaven, His domain. God is enthroned in our praises, as it would be said that He “inhabits” the praise of His people.

The earth is too big for the devil to want to rule on his own, which is why he goes up and down the world seeking whom he may devour. Over 80% of the time, the devil (Satan) is managing to prey on people and God warned us through the scriptures, saying 1 Peter 5:8, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, and seeking whom he may devour.” How great and mighty is our Father who continues to give us the much needed information such as the fact that he is first and last port of call, “The LORD is king, the peoples tremble; he is enthroned on the cherubim, the earth quakes. Great is the LORD in Zion, exalted above all the peoples. Let them praise your great and awesome name: Holy is He!”

God is not sought after from men but through praise, for teaching us how to live the abundant life and for blessing us with the wise promises of the Scriptures. To God belong wisdom and power; counsel and understanding are His - Job 12:13. As they wise would often say, the beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom. When you are with God, you understand when Satan is confusing you with approaches similar to those of God because he is a copycat. It may look like the devil is running things, but God is overruling all things on earth and in heaven; having given the devil a bit of freedom to allow God to indicate his Deity. Therefore, seeking God is not seeking after dogs but being humble and contrite in spirit, trembling at God’s word. Therefore, remember that Satan must be overcome, and we can only overcome him by the blood of the Lamb. Thus, God says seeking anything else other than Him denotes nothing as the scripture tells that “whoever slaughters an ox is like one who slays a man; whoever sacrifices a lamb is like one who breaks a dog’s neck; …..”