Costs of SA’s Political Argy-Bargy

Contributor: Mr. Panache
Credits: JohnHain

SA's Real Problems

As a young man born and bred in South Africa with high hopes of ever making it in life, I can only recall the recent events, which have overridden great memories from the past. The past produced jobs, supported small enterprises, lifted up communities in townships and gave people homes. Unfortunately, members of the Gazelle with supposed influence in matters of the economy, their advisors and powerbrokers within our political systems have allowed for internal rivalries and intrigues to impact on the efficient running of Government.

In the past decade, SA was experiencing a remarkably stable political system with so many means accomplished, because the country may have been ready for democracy then. Elite struggles are the real cause of crisis in South Africa and many other states, and leaders are not able to identify effectively the difference between why we are where we are politically, and where we have been democratically.

Only when things have gotten way out of hand, do we now discuss stability. Issues have always lingered in previous administrations and stability was not addressed efficiently and heightened to the core. Between 2009 and 2018, unfortunately, corruption as a result of elite struggles intensified and got way out of hand. In all the argy-bargy, stability was indeed never heightened as a priority, but everyone was only striving to avert the crisis that was inevitable.

Now, in the new dawn oriented and inspired administration; the authority people gave the current government of SA appears to have been subsequently lost. Seemingly, political events in the country have always crucially depended on the efficacy of the presidency, and much like with Luis Echeverría, the then president of Mexico from 1970 to 1976; fatal blow ups gave rise to elite struggles that permeated the heart of the Mexican state.

Political successions, thirsts for power and greed; and the struggles around them are igniting conflicts with the elite groups, supposed controllers and influencers of policies. Everyone is in fear for their political survival, there are trust issues and everyone is essentially indirectly purchasing assets, and operations of these organisations “human associations” because of the desire for control; and rewards.

In explaining the differences between where we have been and where we are today, and causes of our current problems; we obliviously continue to undermine the cooperative systems with insensitive and meaningless ideologies. I consider these systems of ideas and ideals to be insensitive as they do not happen in the best interest of the economy and the marginal, progressively deteriorating the elite struggles even further because everyone is pulling in a different direction.

People definitely might have supposed that one approach or the other by all the 11 presidents that SA has had towards matters of the economy, would have worked differently. Yes, some did and to some extent they all had limitations, unwittingly miring the entire economy into destructive conflicts that are as a result of the desire for power and rewards. With the occurrence of people trying by all the means to distort the comprehension of actual events in the running of Governments, and therefore; confabulating with anyone or organising factions to ultimately distort truths; then the government is not governing appropriately.

Our government is constantly inviting chaos into the land, as opposed to serving as a human government meant to keep chaos from developing. Wise men would often say “God gave man dominion, but to rule properly requires character, wisdom, and understanding. The building of these requires experience, and gaining experience requires time”. Question is what has happened to all the time since democracy, and prior to democracy?