A rather alarming but enlightening read from the government emergency portal (sacoronavirus.co.za) & the Statistics SA website: As of November, SA is recorded sitting in between 744,732 & 745,945 in total cases identified, tested & confirmed from an astonishing total of 5,086,887 overall tests conducted. Casualties & Recoveries are recorded at 20,153, & 692,177 respectively. - SA continues to be pleaded with to wear Masks, Distance & Sanitize.


We're a unique platform developing Entrepreneurial, Professional & Youth Oriented Pursuits, that will ultimately give people hope for a Creative Freedom & Smart Democracy.

Our determined path to propelling a creative freedom and smart democracy, with South Africa striving to cast aside centuries of discrimination, social injustices, social inequalities, unemployment, poverty, and unsustainable infrastructures that supports entrepreneurship and new start up businesses is well underway.


This new approach will certainly form a new society, sit firmly at the core of youth dispensation and effect remarkable changes to the business and entrepreneurship landscape, including repairing the decay in moral philosophy amongst our people.


We collaborate with Entrepreneurs and the large community, supporting those who aspire to enter the ranks of the self-employed; while advocating for ideas of a compelling & fair overarching ecosystem.

This Abundant Mission and Fortitude movement is born from the idea that Phologo had of an ecosystem of people helping other people. He is of the belief that as a country, we stand at a pivotal moment in the fight against injustices that are continuously threatening the essence of justice and its ability to function in its purest form, without the crimes on humanity and businesses.

Phologo's heightened point is that if people have a purpose, their attention can be drawn to what is important such as joining other millions of people making plans to find ways of creating revenue streams for both themselves and their families. He says, "Give people a way, and they'll walk on it". Indicative of a notion that the going rate of unemployed, the injustices, people exclusion from economic activities, corruption, skills shortages, the country's weakening Judicial System and the lack of skills amongst young people are some of the aggravators of crime.


To create, sustain and consistently maintain a unique, flexible, adaptable and overarching strategic business model whereby small businesses, suppliers, distributors, competitors and all government stakeholders work together effortlessly to drive advances in the country's local, provincial and national economies, sector economies and the global landscape.


To reach for new heights and reveal the unknown in the entrepreneurial innovation for the benefit of communities, and participate in developing a strong, corrupt less, vibrant, and diverse economy in South Africa, particularly township economies.


a.       Honesty and Transparency

We believe that there is great value in being honest, and that the transparency of the forum and its activities are not only valued by its internal or external clients (teams and clients), but also brings value to the movement itself.

b.      Respect and Excellence

We acknowledge and respect differences in cultures, beliefs, and value systems; and provide a safe and supportive environment in which all forum participants are valued. We continuously look for ways to refine our skills in order provide our clients with the best service possible, including setting standards in service delivery, through commitment to service excellence and innovation.

c.       Safety and Integrity

The Abundant Mission and Fortitude 2022’s consistent attention to safety is the cornerstone in the movement upon which we build mission and vision success. We are committed to protecting the safety and health of the participants in the forum and members of the community who often visit our offices. The forum is committed to maintaining an environment of trust, honesty, ethics, respect, and empathy.

d.      Teamwork

Our approach to teamwork is based on a philosophy that each member or participant in the forum is distinctive and brings a unique experience and expertise to the movement.


Share our sentiments on matters of Empowerment

  • Cultivating the entrepreneurial innovation economy;
  • Increasing resources for small businesses and entrepreneurs in local communities;
  • Making Soweto and other townships more business-friendly; and
  • Promoting an inclusive economy for all.
  • We seek to cultivate entrepreneurially innovative approaches to fully recovering the economy;
  • We support the need to increase resources for small businesses and entrepreneurs in local communities; and
  • Our movement promotes an inclusive economy for all, while actively protecting public interests.

We have already formulated our first five year strategic and recommendations plan (Strategic Plan 2017 Draft).



    As simply defined by Wikipedia as the reason for people’s actions, this can also involve a process that has steps through which one can initiate, seek guidance and maintain the behavior that will lead to them to achieving great success. Success will either be mentally or physically. Inherently as Africans, we’re encouraged all the time and motivated. We’re people of rhythm and we exude personalities that make up the African Symphony. Effort, is all it takes. 


    There is strong inverse relationship between incidences of poverty, the conomy and small business. The business of managing monies and resources in today’s environment has indeed become increasingly complicated with technologies advancing and expanding the choices of financial services available to consumers. Consumers find themselves exposed to a variety of options sych as paying with cash, credit card or cheque account, and often becoming overwhelmed


    Through discussions on business and entrepreneurship, we help push boundaries of people participation in the mainstream of the country’s economy and innovation. From time to time, we want to be able too to engage with businesses and entrepreneurs, learning and teaching those inexperienced. Forming an entity in the Republic and operating a good, and successful concept can often be daunting and a lonely road. Thus, people need real practical solutions.

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