Platform for Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Youth.


Directions and Approaches

  • Seeking out and fostering aspiring entrepreneurs through education and mentorship, and encouraging more increased participants in the ranks of the self employed;
  • Investing in establishing rapports with the various institutions and businesses to foster and promote innovation;
  • Screening opportunities consistently to weed out unpromising ventures;
  • Testing ways into new products and services, receiving and giving feedback, and validating business ideas;
  • Helping with scaling side businesses for entrepreneurially driven members of communities, while they get to keep their day jobs;
  • Inspiring the youth to be our future business people, entrepreneurs, experts and innovators hands-on and thorough interactions with stakeholders in private sector and government;
  • Forming and expanding partnerships with governmental, intergovernmental, academic, industrial, and entrepreneurial communities, recognizing them as stakeholders and fundamental contributors to the forum and the movement’s missions;
  • Safeguard the public trust through transparency and accountability in our service delivery and financial management, procurement, and reporting practices.
Education and Mentorships
Establishing rapports with other stakeholders
Scaling of businesses and motivating plunge taking
Forming and expanding partnerships
Safeguarding public interests


The significance of discussions

Many are of the view that a critical divide in economics is the extent to which the government should intervene in a country’s economy. This platform argues that any government of the day’s intervention can overcome inequality, gender based violence and under-provision of public goods; and services. 

- 2096781 %
A total of 2,096, 781 million crimes were recorded in 2018 with 4.4% drop
+ 27.2 %
Unemployment increased from 27.5% in the third quarter of 2018 from 27.2% in the previous period BY THE 3RD QUARTER IN 2019, JOBLESS RATE HAD INCREASED TO 27.6%. CURRENTLY, SA IS SITTING ON 29% UNEMPLOYMENT RATE.
- 45 %
While 98.5% of SA's economy is made up of small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), accounting for over 200 000 formal smes; they’re only delivering 28% of all jobs. sa needs a radical overhaul of the status quo.


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